Information for persons wishing to obtain specialized outpatient health care services at our Centre

Public Institution Šiauliai Rehabilitation Centre has entered into agreements with Šiauliai, Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipėda and Panevėžys Territorial Health Insurance Funds (THIF) for the provision of health care services.

Our Rehabilitation Centre offers the following treatment possibilities for the patients:

  • with a referral issued by your general practitioner (GP) ((Form 027/a), services are paid for by Territorial Health Insurance Fund);
  • without a referral from GP (paid by the patients themselves or by other natural or legal persons, voluntary health insurance institutions).

Upon arrival for specialised outpatient personal health care services (for treatment with a GP referral), a patient must bring:

  • Identity document (Personal Identity Card or Passport) and Disability Certificate.
  • Extract of the medical record issued by your GP (Form 027/a).

Patients willing to consult with one of our physical medicine and rehabilitation specialists as well as receive specialised outpatient health care services without a GP referral shall pay for the consultation and treatment procedures prescribed by our physician on the grounds of the approved price list of paid services.

Outpatient Rehabilitation Services

Our Rehabilitation Centre, working under Health Care Licence No. 327, is providing outpatient rehabilitation services for children and adults on the grounds of the following disease profiles:

Outpatient rehabilitation services I for adults with musculoskeletal system disorders, respiratory, endocrine, digestive system and kidney diseases as well as mental or behavioural disorders or the ones affected by ionizing radiation.

Outpatient rehabilitation services II for children suffering from nervous system disorders, musculoskeletal system problems, respiratory, endocrine, digestive system, kidney, and skin diseases, mental and behavioural disorders.

Outpatient rehabilitation services II for adults suffering from nervous system disorders, musculoskeletal system disorders respiratory, endocrine, digestive system, kidney, skin, and gynaecological diseases.

Information for persons willing to receive outpatient rehabilitation services I or II at our Centre

The procedure for outpatient rehabilitation treatment prescription is governed by Order No. V-50 of 17 Jan 2008 of the Minister of Health Regarding Organization of Medical Rehabilitation and Sanatorium (Anti-Relapse) Treatment and its versions (Official Gazette 2008, No.12407). The given order and other orders by the Minister of Health can be found on

Our Centre admits patients referred by both outpatient and inpatient treatment facilities. The GP or physical medicine and rehabilitation physician decides on medical appropriateness to prescribe outpatient rehabilitation for the patient.

Your GP fills in all the necessary medical documentation and delivers it to the Territorial Health Insurance Fund (THIF) electronically through the information system. Upon receipt of the certificate of rehabilitation services available THIF prepares and submits a notification to the Health Care Institution, which was responsible for preparation of the above-mentioned certificate, on agreement for compensation of medical rehabilitation costs (form No 2011T) or notification on refusal to reimburse medical rehabilitation costs (form No 2011N).

Upon arrival at Šiauliai Rehabilitation Centre, the patient should submit the document proving his/her identity and the extract of the medical record (Form 027/a, original copy). The receptionist and (or) physical medicine and rehabilitation physician verifies the eligibility of the patient for funding of the outpatient medical rehabilitation by patient fund approved by THIF through information system (form No 2011T).

During the period of medical rehabilitation at our Centre an e-sick leave certificate shall be extended by physical medicine and rehabilitation physician in accordance with the Description of the Procedure for E-Sick Leave Certificate Filling in and Issuance, approved by the director of the Public Institution Šiauliai Rehabilitation Centre. The officers of Internal Service, unemployed people registered at Labour Exchange as well as Intelligence officers should bring the certificates proving their status.

We kindly invite you to use the following services provided by our Rehabilitation Centre

Physical therapy:

  • Individual physical therapy (applied in cases of various disorders and diseases);
  • Group physical therapy (applied in cases of lower extremity, foot and ankle disorders, LSP (spinal stabilization program);
  • Physical therapy in water.

Traction therapy:

  • Neck traction using Mili-TRAComputer (traction table);
  • Spinal traction using Mili-TRAComputer (traction table);
  • Extremity traction using Mili-TRAComputer (traction table).

Therapeutic massage:

  • Machine-aided massage (contactless water massage, shin and foot massage, neck area massage, foot and hand massage, pelvic area massage, upper and lower extremity massage);
  • Classical massage;
  • Underwater massage.

Occupational therapy (ergotherapy).



  • Electrotherapy and magnetic therapy (TENS, microwave therapy, magnetic therapy, etc.);
  • Phototherapy (light therapy, laser therapy);
  • Mechanical Vibration Therapy (aerosol therapy, halotherapy, compression therapy, shock wave therapy, ultrasound (phonophoresis));
  • Hydrotherapy (turpentine bath, iodine bromide bath, bishofit bath, pine extract bath, etc.);
  • Pelotherapy (mud and paraffin applications);
  • Thermotherapy and cryotherapy (cold and heat treatment modalities).


Infusion therapy, injections, and laboratory tests.