Dear patients and their relatives,

The administration is interested in the absence of manifestations of corruption (bribery, bribe-giving through mediator, kickbacks, abuse of power, failure to perform official duties and other corruption-related offenses when they result in request for a bribe or are related to the activities trying to disguise the act of bribery) at Public Institution Šiauliai Rehabilitation Centre. All the above corruption-related offenses are subject to criminal liability.

The best appreciation to the medical staff is your sincere smile and kind words.

Please speak up and report about any corruption-related offense you possibly encounter at Public Institution Šiauliai Rehabilitation Centre.

Yours faithfully,

Trust line of Public Institution Šiauliai Rehabilitation Centre
Trust line enables you to report any potential corruption-related offences or other similar violations by phone +370 41 457 755.

Toll-free helpline of the Ministry of Health: +370 800 66 004.

Trust line of Special Investigation Service (STT): +370 706 63 335

Please report about corruption-related offence via 24-hour hotline in Vilnius (+370 5) 266 3333, by e-mail:, fax (+370 5) 266 3307, or on STT webpage: