Infrasauna. The infrared waves used in infrared sauna directly heat the human body up to 4 centimetres (in comparison: in a regular sauna the body warms up to 3–5 mm). It is this deep penetration of infrared waves that transmits heat energy to the body and improves its condition: it warms up tissues, organs, muscles, bones, joints and accelerates the circulation of blood and other body fluids. Infrasauna, at a temperature of 40–60º C, causes sweating that is 2–3 times more intense compared to a regular sauna at a temperature of 90–100º C. It is therefore particularly safe for children and people with cardiovascular disorders. It is prescribed for diseases of the peripheral nervous system, respiratory system, musculoskeletal diseases and injuries, skin diseases (psoriasis, skin burns), obesity, cellulite, etc. 
Therapeutic effect: soothes the nervous system, eliminates insomnia, nervous tics, reduces cholesterol, stimulates blood circulation, eliminates muscle pain, enhances the body’s resistance to infections, inhibits viral reproduction processes. Regular sessions not only prevent colds but also help treat these ailments as soon as start. Sweating removes slag and toxins from the body, reduces load on the kidneys, reduces swelling on the legs. Moreover, between 900 to 2400 calories are burnt during a session as a result of sweating. In this way, weight can be balanced.