Kinesiotherapy is a movement therapy and one of the main methods of rehabilitation.

Kinesiotherapy is used before and after surgeries, for patients with various arm, leg, back pain, orthopaedic injuries of the spine, facial nerve, respiratory, cardiovascular diseases, after tendons, ligament sprains, various bone fractures, joint injuries, etc. Proper movement helps to improve and maintain the functional condition of musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, and other systems.

Kinesiotherapy uses a variety of techniques and tools: Gymnic balls, various weights, exercising equipment, elastic bands, sticks, unstable surfaces, etc.

Objectives of kinesiotherapy:​

  • maintenance of normal physiological functions;
  • normalization of impaired functions;
  • prevention of complications;
  • stimulation of regenerative processes in the body.

Based on the patient’s diagnosis and complaints, individual or group kinesiotherapy is prescribed.


  • for diseases of the respiratory system;
  • active exercises for rehabilitation after various diseases (done the patient, under specialist supervision);
  • after injuries and orthopaedic diseases;
  • physiotherapy in water (without stretching, with stretching, stretching with weights).



Hur SmartTouch is a unique combination of pneumatic muscle strength training equipment and operating software. The operating software is capable of simultaneously connecting dozens of different exercising machines with motion control. All machines have dual-purpose touch-screen controls that display the training parameters set / entered by the therapist. Controlled parameters: number of repetitions, duration, seat and arm height, heart rate. The system automatically calculates and prepares the individual patient’s training progress and resistance force. Installed option to create personal user login / mobile profile.

Therapeutic effect:

  • increases bone density;
  • strengthens ligaments and tendons;
  • improves muscle regeneration;
  • increases muscle strength, contraction rate, fatigue resistance and muscle coordination;
  • activates endocrine system activity;
  • regulates blood pressure;
  • reduces the submaximal intensity of heart rate during work.




Technogym Power Personal is a strength training machine with fixed weight training equipment that can be used to increase the strength of the body muscles and maintain good physical shape. Used for physical education and training for specific physiological needs.

Therapeutic effect: Develops muscle strength and endurance, develops coordination of movements, improves the amplitude of movements in the joints, strengthens the activity of the cardiovascular system, improves the respiratory system, increases tolerance to exercise, improves metabolism.


kineziterapijaSkillRow is an indoor rowing machine designed to strengthen muscle strength, aerobic capacity, and neuromuscular training.

Specific training is designed to train both neuromuscular and metabolic capacity, depending on the level of resistance chosen during training. The machine creates a unique feeling and the same resistance as if you were rowing in water.





Technogym Kinesis One is a workout station used across various health promotion fields. The possibility to do a variety of full body movements simultaneously, combining balance, strength, flexibility, and stability training allows this workout station to replace most individual exercisers.

Patented unique FullGravityTM technology enables movement in all spatial planes using weights. The movements performed during workout are free, natural and have unlimited amplitude.

Therapeutic effect:

  • develops muscle strength and endurance;
  • develops coordination of movements;
  • improves the amplitudes of movements in the joints;
  • strengthens the activity of the cardiovascular system;
  • improves the respiratory system;
  • increases exercise tolerance;
  • improves metabolism.




G Walk is a system of functional analysis of movements. A special wireless sensor allows for quick clinical tests, providing the most important parameters related to walking, running, and jumping.

This device helps physicians and professionals assess a patient’s condition and quantify the effectiveness of rehabilitation therapy.



Traction therapy

trakcine terapija

Traction therapy is a type of mechanotherapy that helps to stretch human body parts (such as the neck or lumbar spine) along the longitudinal axis. Mechanical traction reduces the compression of nerve elements and blood vessels, eliminates microcirculation and tissue nutrition disorders, pain receptor irritation. During traction, the pressure in the damaged intervertebral disc decreases, reducing the pressure on the nerve root, activating metabolism, and creating favourable conditions for the healing of the disc herniation.


Traction therapy procedures:

  • spinal traction (neck, chest and lumbar areas) by Mili-TRAComputer (traction table);
  • limb traction by Mili-TRAComputer (traction table).

Traction therapy benefits patients with:

  • radiculopathy: lumbar, chest, neck
  • bone growths (osteophytes)
  • spinal canal narrowing
  • spinal deformities (scoliosis)
  • osteochondrosis
  • muscle shortening
  • Bechterew’s disease

Spinal Stabilization Program

stuburo stabilizavimo programa

Spinal stabilization program is a new back pain relief model based on spinal stabilization using the diagnostic device Stabilizer. It is a simply operated device that allows monitoring the position of the lower back during exercises when the abdominal muscles do not provide enough protection for the spine. Feedback helps determine if the exercises are done well and correctly. This ensures the necessary and safe physical load on the spine. This program is very important for the prevention of back injuries.

Such sets of exercises are suitable for various groups of people: adults, children, adolescents during the peak of growth; people who have just experienced the first signs of pain and the ones with an intervertebral disc herniation or neurological changes.


kineziterapija vandenyje

Hydro-kinesiotherapy (vertical bath) is a common therapeutic procedure of bath and spine stretching in water. This procedure combines the therapeutic effects of water and kinesiotherapy to correct impaired muscle, ligament, and joint function.

A trapezoid is used to stretch the lumbar spine and a water collar is used to stretch the neck. Weight bath hydro traction treatment is also used.

Muscles and ligaments strengthen as a result of hydro-kinesiotherapy treatment, thus slowing the progression of spinal pathological processes, muscle atrophy, development of spinal deformities; It increases mobility of the lumbar and cervical spine, tolerance to physical loads; improves metabolism, mood; movements become less restricted and much less painful.


  • degenerative, inflammatory diseases of the spine;
  • joint diseases and injuries (rheumatoid arthritis, Bechterew’s disease, osteoarthritis, joint contractures, etc.);
  • soft tissue injuries (ruptures of meniscus, ligaments, tendons and muscles);
  • nervous tension, fatigue, impaired concentration, decreased ability to work, obesity;
  • strengthening the immune system;
  • depression and other chronic mental illnesses;
  • harmonization of the autonomic nervous system.

Use of Schuman 3D Platte during kinesiotherapy

sumano plokstesSchumann 3D Platte is a biodynamic energy flow system simulating natural movement processes without the use of chemicals. The platform emits carefully arranged three-dimensional rhythmic impulses corresponding to the vibration frequencies between the earth’s surface and ionosphere layers affecting our body both physically and psychologically. This Platte helps to gently restore, balance, and return the entire bone system and human body to the normal rhythm by means of clockwise vibration.

Therapeutic effect: improves overall and local mobility, endurance, muscle coordination; increases muscle strength and performance; stabilizes the spine and the entire bone system; accelerates blood circulation and metabolism, improves intracellular metabolism and stimulates all functions of the body; reduces pain, physical and psychological stress, connective tissue changes; activates the production of joint fluid and cartilage growth; improves balance, digestive system activity; stimulates natural and restful sleep; restores the natural rhythm of the body.