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Body scrubs. Proper cleansing and peeling of the skin help the epidermis to get rid of the outer dirt (contamination of the environment) and slag as well as the dead skin cells. Body scrub is applied to full body. If the product is used in moderation, peeling can be performed twice a week at most, if the skin is sensitive, then it should be performed once a week.

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Body scrub Rice

Due to soft peeling properties rice forms the basis of body peeling in the Asian beauty rituals. Rice scrub is based on finely fragmented rice that efficiently removes dead cells, helps to cleanse and soften the skin. The cream part of the scrub moisturizes, eliminates toxins. Grape seed oil and vitamin E protect the skin from loss of moisture and ensure an ideal moisture level in the skin, give the sense of good wellbeing.
Rice is a potent source of proteins, amino acids, oryzanol and other ingredients stimulating regeneration. Outstanding softness of the product, exceptional moisturising properties ensure an ideal protection, toning up, and nutrition for sensitive and irritated skin.
The main ingredients: grape seed oil, rice, silicon dioxide, vitamin E.

Body scrub Blue Lagoon

Very small pieces of black seashell make this product unique mastic. Laminaria oil is a potent moisturizer and it forms a protective coat on the surface of the skin so it basically is a real treasure. Sea salts and sea water containing all the necessary microelements remineralize and tone up the skin cells. The revitalized skin becomes smooth.

Laminarias are rich in unsaturated fatty acids. They stimulate skin cell regeneration, protect the skin from loss of moisture, enhance its elasticity. Sea water is an irreplaceable source of microelements and mineral salts. Laminaria helps the skin to absorb microelements and mineral salts better. Coconut bark powder thoroughly scrubs, vitamin E ensures an adequate level of skin moisture.
The main ingredients: sea salt, sea water extract, laminaria oil, coconut bark powder, vitamin E.

Body scrub Egzotik

This scrub efficiently removes the dead skin cells due to such ingredients as rice, lotus powder and other natural active substances. It moisturizes and gives energy simultaneously relaxing with its pleasant fruit flavours. Pineapple juice provides the skin with vitamins, natural enzymes, and ensures its regeneration. Grape seed oil protects from loss of moisture and it is ideal for moisturizing.

Pineapple is a cocktail with a high concentration of vitamins A, B, C, and enzymes. Bromelain is one of the most important enzymes in it. It dissolves the dead cells on the surface of the skin and rejuvenates the skin. Lotus is a sacred plant well known for many exceptional virtues. Its seeds are a potent source of energy. Lotus seed powder contributes to particularly exceptional and energizing body peeling.
The main ingredients: pineapple juice, lotus powder, rice powder, sea salt, citric acid.

Full body peeling by using Green Exfoliating Sea Salt

Peeling is removal of the surface of the horny layer of the epidermis (or the dead skin cells). The peeling procedure is performed in order smoothen and revitalize the skin of the entire body, to improve its structure, to give the sense of freshness.
It is recommended using body scrub “Green Exfoliating Sea Salt” in combination with oil “Sea Balsam” in order to achieve the maximum sense of peeling.
Oil “Sea Balsam” is a re-mineralizing grape seed massage oil saturated with laminaria (kelp) and vitamin E.

Effect: moisturizes, smoothens, and nourishes the skin, eliminates toxins, thus the skin becomes fresher and brighter; it gives the effect of good wellbeing.

Duration: 30 min. If the product is used in moderation, peeling can be performed twice a week at most, if the skin is sensitive, then it should be performed once a week.